Thank You

One or two people can have a vision but it takes the people around them who bring the vision to a reality. We would like to thank PO Keysha Griffith who had the idea for the UPOA to resume participating in the African Day Parade. Thank you to SPO Tanga Johnson the designer of the t-shirts. We have to give credit to Ms. Deborah Rice from DOE who came up with concept of the sneakers which represents how Probation Officers are hitting the pavement everyday helping to keep the streets safe. 

We would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation to the UPOA members and DOP staff who took time out of their schedule and participated in the parade and to those who were with us in spirit. 

A special Thank you to Mayor Bill De Blasio, political officials, Commissioner Ana Bermudez and her cabinet. Thank you to President of The Probation Guardian Cornell Gibson, and the Grand Council as well as our brothers and sisters in other law enforcement agencies. 

We can not forget Dr. Bob Lee from WBLS who shouted us out and the community who cheered us on. 

"UPOA is Making A Difference for All"

- Dalvanie K. Powell, Vice President